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Mama, nak!

SIRI 1 Mari Mengenali

SIRI 1 Mari Mengenali

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Being the first pocket-sized Malay board books published in Singapore, this series of books engage your little ones as they learn a total of 40 new words across 5 different themes.

These books are attractive to readers as young as newborn babies through their simple and neat layout of one word-one illustration per page. 

They are perfect for little hands to hold, carry and flip the pages - a great way to develop their fine motor skills as well as independence.

Besides, this series is also one of children's best companions when travelling as a cute little pouch stores all the five books in one place.

Most importantly, the books are made from non-toxic materials while being environmentally-friendly and recyclable.

Titles in this series are:

1. Mari Mengenali Alam (Let's Know Nature)

2. Mari Mengenali Buah-Buahan (Let's Know Fruits)

3. Mari Mengenali Haiwan (Let's Know Animals)

4. Mari Mengenali Tubuh Badan (Let's Know Body Parts)

5. Mari Mengenali Warna (Let's Know Colours)


    All 5 titles come as a set with an accompanying pouch.


    1 set: 5 board books + 1 drawstring pouch

    Book type: Board book

    Book size: 108mm x 108mm

    No. of content pages: 8/book

    Author/Publisher: Mama, nak!

    Illustrator: Ka Mang L. 

    978-981-18-0625-4      Mari Mengenali Alam
    978-981-18-0626-1      Mari Mengenali Buah-Buahan
    978-981-18-0627-8      Mari Mengenali Haiwan
    978-981-18-0628-5      Mari Mengenali Tubuh Badan
    978-981-18-0629-2      Mari Mengenali Warna
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