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We pride ourselves in providing the best interactive Malay-only books for babies up till 6 years of age.

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Soft, waterproof book

Fear not, parents! Your little ones can get this book wet over and over again!

Activity book

Preschoolers love some activities. Why not have fun while learning Malay language?


Baiknya Hadi!

Does your little one know several opposite words in Malay? Would you like him or her to know more?

Let's take a quick test: What is "Push - Pull" in Malay? How about "Near - Far"?

Could you or your little one answer as fast as counting 1, 2, 3? If you did not, fret not as...

We are truly excited to present this storybook to you and all our young readers! It is a not-your-typical storybook because in this book, you get to search opposite things in our delightful local neighbourhoods of sunny Singapore!

While searching, you get to learn a total of 40 pairs of opposite words in Malay language! What a fantastic way to learn opposites!

Psst... you wouldn't want to miss Hadi as he is really kind!

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Bentuk-Bentuk Bersembunyi

R... is for Rectangle █

S... is for Square 🟧

T... is for Triangle 🔺

Now, what are these shapes called in Malay? 🤗

Have we put you in a spot? No worries, we were once in your shoes!

Bentuk-Bentuk Bersembunyi will surely help you and your little ones know names of shapes in Malay language all while playing hide-and-seek with them!

Plus, this book will get you playing (i.e. hiding!) in your favourite playground's slide, swing and see-saw among many others!

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

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Sold Out

SIRI 1 Mari Mengenali

Simple board books to introduce your little ones (as young as babies!) to Malay language.

One page. One picture. One word.

That is as simple as it can get.

This series of board books are crowd's favourite! We are sorry they are all sold out now.

But if you are interested, please drop us an interest (add to cart your preferred quantity at no cost) and we will notify you once we have them in stock!

Thanks for your love!

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  • Sustainable Sourcing

    Our books are made of recycled paper and are recyclable. We use soy ink for printing where possible. We try our best in saving our planet Earth.

  • Accuracy of Malay language

    Accurate use of Malay language is guaranteed in our books as we strive to get them reviewed by qualified Malay language teachers or specialists.

  • Family-Friendly Prices

    We are parents too, and we know how tight family finances can be. So, we aim to keep our books affordable for you and your families.