About Us

Mama, nak! was born out of love from a mother towards her young child and mother tongue language, Malay language. Back when her child was 6 months old, she struggled to find Malay language board books which introduce basic first words with a simple illustration. Since then, she became inspired to fill the void with her own publications. 

Mama, nak! aspires to publish Malay language books specially for children aged 0-6 years old which covers all sorts of concepts, titles and interactions like lift-the-flap, finger trace and their likes. 

Mama, nak! emphasizes on quality and compatibility with various age range's developmental milestones for each of its publications.

Kindly support Mama, nak! so together, we can work towards prospering Malay language amongst our future generations.


"Mama, nak!" ("Mommy, I want!") said the toddler to her mother as she asks for her favourite book to be read to her.


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